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Although you may not know about it, there are a range of jobs that It offer going from Robotics, to fashion designing. Depending on what you are interested in, it is most likely that you will at least find something you would be interested in doing in ICT! For all we know, you could even get a job in engineering by studying in IT. Scientists also believe by 2023 it is expected for 265 Million jobs oppurtunities to be opened and up for grabs.

This site should just give you a very breif understanding on the things IT is and what it offeres. The links also offer a lot of information so make sure you do click on them!

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Believe it or not, the world's leading brands are ALL associated with IT. Without IT, most of these leading brands wouldn’t even be able to function. For the other brands, all the advanced technology they use now to make things easier, they wouldn't have them without IT. The most successful companies are listed below.

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